Team nominations for the HRBA  2018/19 Summer Season are due by the 15th September and there have been some changes to our competition.  We will be explaining these changes at the annual Club information night, 7.00pm, Monday, 27 August 2018 at the Mundaring Arena and encourage Clubs to attend  Two key changes are around fees and age brackets for grades.


Why have the fees increased?

The increase in the player registration fee is due to Basketball WA (BWA) charging Hills Raiders Basketball Association (HRBA) a $30 membership fee per player, and the inclusion of the season’s gate fee, previously paid weekly.  The gate fee has been capped at $5 per player per week for Juniors and $8 per player per week for Seniors.  For the 16-week summer season, player registration fees will be $140 per player for Juniors and $228 per player for Seniors.

What does the increase mean for players?

The new fees equate to a game cost of $8.75 per player per week for Juniors and $14.25 per player per week for Seniors.

The higher gate fee incorporated into the Seniors fee is due to HRBA aiming to fixture all Senior Games on the indoor courts pending team numbers.

There will no longer be a need to pay a weekly fee or collect tokens prior to games.

The Duty Ref has also been removed from all grades, with HRBA providing referees for all games. This is a potential saving of $50 per player for the season for those teams who have previously paid someone to undertake their duty.

Teams who qualify for Finals will not be required to pay any additional fees to play Finals.  There will be no gate fee for Finals games.  This will save players up to $24 over the FInals fixtures.

Why have the dates for grades changed?

The decision to move to calendar year age brackets was made to bring the HRBA competition in line with the BWA guidelines and WABL age brackets.  This will ease our transition into the WABL competition when approved.

This has resulted in two changes to HRBA competition grades.  The first being we will no longer run with an ‘8s and Under’, ’10s and Under’ etc competition but rather will run an ‘Under 8s’, ‘Under 10s’ etc competition.  The second change is a move from school year age brackets to calendar year age brackets.


To play in Under 8s players need to be no older than 7 by the 31 December 2019

To play in Under 10s players need to be no older than 9 by the 31 December 2019

To play in Under 12s players need to be no older than 11 by 31 December 2019

To play in Under 14s players need to be no older than 13 by 31 December 2019

To play in Under 16s players need to be no older than 15 by 31 Decembe 2019

To play in Under 18s players need to be no older than 17 by 31 December 2019


But we have always played with our mates

As per previous seasons, players will be able to play one grade higher which will enable teams to continue to play together if they choose.

It won’t be fair playing against older kids

The age grades will still only stretch over two years and all grades will need to make the transition.  We understand that it may be daunting for some players to jump a grade due to the change and will make every effort to ensure that the divisions within grades facilitate a  fair competition. Divisions will be monitored through the first three weeks and where required and able will be adjusted.

If you have any further queries regarding the 2018/19 Summer Season and the changes being implemented within the competition please message us either via the website, our Facebook page or email to and we will respond as quickly as possible.  If the query is in regard to how your Club is managing team registrations for the season please speak directly with your Club committee.