With today’s increasingly digital world, it is important for community sporting associations to have access to the technology required to meet the communication and accountability standards that our members and the wider community expect.  With the opening of the new Mundaring Arena, the opportunity to further develop our Hills basketball competition and the digital ability at the Arena, ensuring that we have the right tools is vital.

Hills Raiders Basketball Association (Raiders) successfully applied for $2600 through the Shire of Mundaring’s Matching Grant Fund to purchase two new laptops and supporting software to assist the Association’s Treasurer and Administrator to continue to deliver an increasingly digitised workload.  The Association has relied on committee members using their own personal computers, software and printers to complete their duties. The purchase of two laptops, accessories and anti-virus software, will assist volunteers in their roles with the outcome that more people will be encouraged to fill committee positions.

Raiders are moving towards the use of online registration and competition management using SportsTG. Basketball WA will require all basketball associations to use SportsTG by 2019. To enable the Association to enter teams into the WA Basketball League, access to SportsTG will be essential. The laptops will make the use of the new system much easier for members involved in the registration of players, management of members and collation of game results.  This will also make sharing game result information more streamlined and efficient, with results able to be updated more promptly after games by reducing the manual element.

In addition to increasing the Association’s ability to smoothly transition to using the SportsTG platform, the new laptops will enable all Association records to be securely stored in one place, allowing the electronic sharing of information between Committee members and portability of workstations that will be accessible at any venue at any time.   Being able to collate and store all Association information on dedicated laptops will mitigate the risk of losing information and records that have been stored on personal computers when Committee members step down from the Association.

Raiders would like to acknowledge and thank the Shire of Mundaring for their support.