Hills Raiders Basketball Association encourages teams to appoint both a coach and a team manager. HRBA by-law 19 (2019) states all junior teams must have a Manager and Coach but historically sometimes one person has filled both roles, a situation tolerated but not endorsed by the HRBA.

The responsibilities and the value of a coach to the team are clear. Less obvious might be the value of a team manager.

The primary advantage of a team manager in addition to a coach is that the manager can relieve the coach of administrative duties so they can concentrate on coaching the team. Communications with parents or Association officials can be done through the manager (in most instances) without interrupting the coach’s attention to the game or his players.

A team manager could deputize for the coach if sufficiently capable in emergencies. In unforseen contingencies a substantive manager would be the person to contact players or association officials to advise changed circumstances, to supervise players and perhaps organize a stand-in coach. A team manager is a second person dedicated to the well-being of the team. They can be a second opinion if advice is sought or as a mediating influence or corroborating opinion in cases of conflict or disagreement involving the coach and other parties.

Team managers must be adults (over 18). Despite the potential advantages listed above many teams might continue to choose to have one person fill both roles. There are two circumstances when team managers must be appointed –

A team coached by a person not yet 18 years of age must have an adult team manager. All team managers must have a Police Clearance satisfying HRBA requirements.

Teams in the Under 18 grades sometimes choose to play without coaches (effectively “self-coached”). These teams should still have a consensual adult team manager who must have a Police Clearance. Self-coached teams must also nominate a player as team contact for occasions when the team manager is not attending games.

In either of these circumstances team managers might need to be particularly aware of duties teams are given in supporting competition functions and encourage teams to meet their obligations. All teams must provide a team scorer.

Teams in Under 10s, 12s, 14s and 16s grades should be coached by a specialist coach.

Team managers should be provided with a position statement or at least a duty statement setting out the Club’s expectations of their role. This may include a spectrum of roles and duties for managers, or Clubs may choose to delegate responsibilities more widely amongst identified officers.

Responsibilities and duties that might be considered relevant to a manager’s role are

1. Aspirational roles such as strong partnership with the team coach, commitment to player enjoyment and fulfilment, commitment to player well-being and promotion of good conduct and sportsmanship

2. Organization and undertaking duties that are obligations ensuing from the Club’s acceptance of the Association’s terms of affiliation (By-laws etc) such as

Upholding regulations related to players’ uniforms standards

Check and/or complete team details on score sheets in a timely manner

Roster a team scorer for each game

Facilitate payment of fines and concessional fees as required

3. Undertake such duties as are delegated by the Club to the manager such as collection of fees and distribution of notices/collection of responses to Club or Association business to relevant team members

The same sort of statement, considering the same roles and responsibilities, should be drawn up between managers of Independent Teams and their playing/parent membership.

Given the important and substantive role Hills Raiders Basketball Association anticipates of team managers, all team managers are required to have a current police clearance. Contact the HRBA Police Clearance Co-ordinator for information on your most convenient option.

If at any time the team manager or coach of any team changes, the Association and the Police Clearance Co-ordinator must be notified.

If Clubs and Independent Teams provided team managers with name badges it would facilitate identification of the manager and obviate any tendency to interrupt coaches due to their more apparent presence.

Hills Raiders Basketball Association

09 Sept.2019