Raiders Ramble – the coach’s newsletter

Edition Fourteen – 11 March 2018

Coach Bill’s Message for the week

“Winning is about having the whole team on the same page.”

Bill Walton

“It doesn’t matter who scores the points, it’s who can get the ball to the scorer.”

Larry Bird


This edition of Raiders Ramble was distributed to coaches at the start of finals with the key take aways being that basketball is a team sport and the second being that with finals there is always a team that wins and one that loses.

Why do we lose games? I’m talking about what actually happens during a game. It’s not lack of preparation and other outside factors, even though these are very important too. And let’s also put aside the obvious here… your opponent is simply much better than you.

Main reasons why games are lost:

  1. Turnovers – Bad Decisions
  2. Bad Shots
  3. Lack of Defensive Pressure, Lack of Hustle
  4. Not Blocking Out, Not Rebounding
  5. Not Getting Back Defensively
  6. Stupid Fouls
  7. Failure to Play as a Team


A team with players playing hard together as one is a tough team to beat. Your “star” players must realize that when awards go out at the end of the season, most of those awards go to players on winning teams… not just good individual players… just another way of selling the “team” concept.

Download this week’s Raiders Ramble to read more about each of these factors that can contribute to losing a game, how they affect the game and how you, as a coach and team, can turn it around so you are playing your best game on court.



Click HERE to download a printable PDF version of the complete Raiders Ramble Edition 14.  Enjoy.