Raiders Ramble – the coach’s newsletter

Edition Six – 19 November 2017

Coach Bill’s Message for the week

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Welcome to the sixth edition of Raiders Ramble.  We hope that you have been finding them entertaining and helpful – please feel free to share these with your players, clubs and friends.  It all goes towards building a fantastic basketball community here in the hills.

In this week’s newsletter Bill has compiled a couple of discussion topics in response to queries from coaches around the courts on Zone Defence, Feedback and Transition.  Hopefully the information will add to your knowledge of basketball and provide you with some more tools to help share your knowledge and enthusiasm for the game.

Zone Defence

“What constitutes a zone in the Under 14s?”

This is a question many have been asking and Basketball Australia has produced a digital manual on this subject called ZONE BUSTERS.  Click on the link below to get the definitive rules.

Zone Busters


As coaches we are in a leadership position in our community.  We are often open to negative feedback/criticism from time to time.  It can come from parents or other members of the basketball community.

Here is Bill’s 3-Step Approach to handling negative feedback.

  1. Accept the feedback or criticism and be reflective – not reactive.
  2. Adopt a ‘can I see value in the feedback or criticism’ attitude.
  3. After these two steps if the criticism is not valie – “TRASH CAN it” and move on!


Transition refers to the process of changing from defence to offense.  Transition offense can be a slow, walk-it-up-floor transition, an aggressive fast break transition or something in-between.  Every coach needs to decide which is best for his team and his people.

The most important rule to fix in your players’ minds is to always keep the ball under control.  You don’t want your transition style to result in turnovers and missed opportunities to score.  The players need to learn when to push the break, and when to slow down and stay under control.

Download this week’s Raiders Ramble to read more about transition offensive basics, running transitions and starting the break.


Click HERE to download a printable PDF version of the complete Raiders Ramble Edition 6.  Enjoy.