Raiders Ramble – the coach’s newsletter

Edition Four – 5 November 2017

Coach Bill’s Message for the week

“If you make the game a life and death proposition you are going to have a problem.

For one thing you will be dead a lot.” Dean Smith

This week Bill shares a great article written by Doug Campbell of Dr Dish Basketball on Four Ways to Motivate Your Players.

The article highlights that the key to securing the attention of young players is motivation and introduces four easy ways to motivate players into becoming a team.

Four Ways to Motivate Your Players

1. Teach First – model the correct way to do something, show the incorrect way and, again, show the right way.  Teach rather than rely on criticism/compliment based coaching.

2. Explain and Demonstrate “Why” – help your players understand why you are asking them to play in a certain manner, help them understand the science behind your teachings.

3. Show and Reward Growth – the best natural motivator is success.  Young people crave personal progress.  Give them the confidence of facts, encourage them to improve their PB and reward them for demonstrating improvement and reaching goals.

4. Run for the Right Reasons – consider when, why and how you incorporate sprints and find innovative ways to incorporate conditioning throughout the entire training session.

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