Raiders Ramble – the coach’s newsletter

Edition Sixteen – 9 October 2018

Coach Bill’s Message for the week

Welcome to the first edition of the newsletter for the 2018/2019 summer season.

As per last season, Bill will have a new edition out weekly with discussions and advice on a range of basketball topics based on his conversations at the courts.   Thank you and congratulations to everyone who has put their hand up to coach, whether this is for the first time or for the umpteenth time. Well done!

With your decision to coach comes much responsibility. Bill views our game of basketball to be a ‘game for life’ and as a coach we can have a positive impact on our players’ futures both on and off the court.

And so it begins; the new season, enthusiastic kids, excited parents and nervous coaches.

Where does Bill start? Here are his 5 recommendations to getting started in no particular order:

  1. ‘KISS’ principle to game play
  2. Evaluate your group
  3. Build coach/player and coach/parent relationships
  4. Establish your environment
  5. Smile a lot and remember it’s a game.

‘Okay, you say, that’s fine but what should I teach and how should it look like when my team is playing?’ Here are 5 rules of thumb for what you should be teaching:

  1. Footwork
  2. Ball Handling
  3. Passing
  4. Shooting
  5. Defence

With game play, consider this with your game style. Most teams scoring opportunities come from their defensive actions.

HRBA will shortly release a Coaches Manual detailing drills, practice plans, offenses and other good stuff, as a downloadable PDF on our website.  Prepared by Bill in consultation with others, it is a fantastic resource for coaches at all levels and we strongly recommend that you have a look, get a copy, utilise through the season and ask questions if you have any.  Bill is always around to answer any queries that you have either at the courts or email me at  Please remember that Bill is a volunteer and does still have a ‘day’ job so he will reply to your queries as soon as practical.

Ok that’s a wrap for now, let’s get this thing started!

Click HERE to download a printable PDF version of the complete Raiders Ramble Edition 16.  Enjoy.