Raiders Ramble – the coach’s newsletter

Edition Thirteen – 5 March 2018

Coach Bill’s Message for the week

“If winning was easy, everyone would do it.”

LeBron James

Welcome to the Edition 13 of Raiders Ramble and the end of the fixtured summer season.  We hope all our coaches have had a fulfilling experience, guiding their teams to develop not only their basketball skills but the intrinsic social skills that come with great teamwork.  HRBA would like to take this opportunity to say thank you.  Thank you for the amazing contribution you are making not only to your own kids, team, club but to the whole basketball community.  We hope that you understand how much your efforts are appreciated.

To the coaches and teams that have now qualified for finals – the very best of luck and we look forward to some great games over the coming weeks.


Coach Bill’s key learnings for finals basketball:

  1. Know our oppositions strengths.
  2. Don’t change or complicate your team’s style.
  3. Be excited but stay calm.
  4. Stay away from anything you can’t control.
  5. Be proud of yourself and your kids – win or lose.

As coaches, we must realise that we have a responsibility to how a ‘finals’ experience is remembered.  It’s incredible, but true, that a 50-year-old version of a 12-year-old player will remember their final.  How it felt, their teammates and their coach – FOREVER!  So let’s make it a remarkable and positive experience and memory.

Happy Hooping.


Click HERE to download a printable PDF version of the complete Raiders Ramble Edition 13.  Enjoy.