Raiders Ramble – the coach’s newsletter

Edition Twelve – 26 February 2018

Coach Bill’s Message for the week

“Basketball, like all sports is predicted on the execution of fundamentals.  The coach is the teacher.  His subject: Fundamentals.”

Coach Dr Jack Ramsay

Welcome to the twelth edition of Raiders Ramble.  We hope that you have been finding them entertaining and helpful – please feel free to share these with your players, clubs and friends.  It all goes towards building a fantastic basketball community here in the hills.

Each week Coach Bill makes a point of talking to as many coaches as possible, discussing how their teams are going and any issues they may have and also any feedback on Raiders Ramble.  The Ramble is designed as a resource to help coaches develop their players and teams as well as their own coaching skills and knowledge.  Some of our coaches have been unclear on some of the things discussed in recent newsletters which is totally understandable as Coach Bill shares a wide range of knowledge for a very diverse group of coaches. If you are unsure of any of the terminology used please revisit Edition 3 of Raiders Ramble which defined some of the key terms used or ask Coach Bill on a game night.

Edition 11 suggested that coaches could benefit from looking at “Shell Drill” to assist with good, fundamental teaching of defensive skills.  Since then Coach Bill has found another great resource – a video session of a BasketballWA coaches clinic he attended recently.  Click HERE to check out the video of Kirsten Veal’s defensive techniques coaches clinic.

Getting the Ball Inbounds

Getting the ball inbounds after a score or deep in the defensive end is probably the hardest thing coaches of all age groups are dealing with.  So, with last week’s edition emphasising the importance of transitioning the ball, this has emerged as the biggest question.

Most teams defend the inbound of the ball by trying to deny the offense from getting the ball and often we find four offensive players running towards the in-bounder with their defensive opponents all over them.  Result – CHAOS.

There are ways to fix this – many ways, probably too many to document without creating a novel.  However, there are always consistent basics.  Here are Coach Bill’s top 5.

  1. Spacing
  2. Timing and calmness
  3. Patience and control
  4. Assign roles
  5. Set good screens (U12s and older)

Please don’t hesitate to ask Coach Bill to demonstrate, even up at the courts on game night – he is very happy to help.



Click HERE to download a printable PDF version of the complete Raiders Ramble Edition 12.  Enjoy.