Raiders Ramble – Etiquette, M2M and the Way we Play

Edition Eleven – 19 February 2018

Coach Bill’s Message for the week

“Even if you are on the right track you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

Will Rogers

Welcome to the eleventh edition of Raiders Ramble.  We hope that you have been finding them entertaining and helpful – please feel free to share these with your players, clubs and friends.  It all goes towards building a fantastic basketball community here in the hills.

In this week’s newsletter Bill will cover three topics on the way we play basketball in the Hills.


Yes, etiquette applies even to basketball.  Like most human interactions in life we conduct ourselves within some repeatable personal actions.

Here are Bill’s top 5:

  1. If you like to photograph or film a game, make sure that you have obtained approval from the opposition and the games controller.
  2. Always thank the scorers at the end of the game.
  3. Shake hands with the opposing coach.
  4. Shake hands with the referees.
  5. Acknowledge and appreciate the effort of the opposition players – win or lose.

M2M – Core Essentials

As promised in Edition 10 here are some more discussion points on M2M defence.

  1. Guard your man
  2. Close outs
  3. Help side positioning
  4. Denial
  5. Boxing out and rebounding

How do we teach this?  SHELL DRILL.  Google it and you will find information and videos on a number of sites all of which will help you improve your team’s defence.  Or come and find Bill at the courts and ask him any questions about improving your defence.  He is happy to help.

The Way We Play

Bill’s weekly chats with coaches across all age groups have a recurring theme – the frustrations encountered when transferring the teaching of fundamentals to game night.  The biggest challenge as coaches is to ‘change the way we play’.

Bill has identified that the core issue is centred around how our players transition the basketball from the defensive end line to the front court.  So what do we do?  Do we need to change our defensive intent?

NO.  We need to teach how we ‘transition the ball’ to score and punish the full court defence.  When you get this fixed, the fundamentals you are teaching, the team offensive system you have practised, the defensive drills you have taught time and again will take on such a noticeable difference that your coaching and teaching will be significant and more meaningful and fulfilling.

Bill is working with a number of teams implementing a transition attack that suits their team and he aims to get to as many other groups as possible before the end of the season.  As an extension to this, coaching workshops and courses are being planned for the winter.

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