Raiders Ramble – Three fundamental reasons to play Man-to-Man (M2M)

Edition Ten – 5 February 2018

Coach Bill’s Message for the week

“If you play good attack you win the game.  But, if you play good defense you win Championships.”

Jeljko Obradovic

Welcome to the tenth edition of Raiders Ramble and a return to the HRBA summer season.  We hope that your summer break was filled with good things and you return invigorated and looking forward to the second part of our summer season.

For 2018 Bill is going to change the focus of Raiders Ramble to discuss topics about how we play.  We hope that this will provoke and encourage conversation and Bill is kicking off with man-to-man defence.

As you know M2M defence must be played up to and including 14s.  Older age groups can then implement zones.  Zone defence has its place but M2M defence is the basis of skill development. Why is that?

  1. Players learn ALL aspects of a great defence – Bill provides a list of 15 areas of defence that players miss out on practicing when coaches choose to play zone defence.
  2. It will allow the opposition to develop their offensive skills, too – why, because it helps develop both teams and creates a great competition which challenges our players to be their best.
  3. It’s an easy defence to teach (when you know how to teach it) – over the coming weeks Bill will be breaking down the progression of teaching M2M defence.




Click HERE to download a printable PDF version of the complete Raiders Ramble Edition 10.  Enjoy.