As per By-Law No. 1 the Association will be enforcing the penalty for players not wearing full uniform, the player will not be permitted to play.  However, if the player is able to source an appropriate uniform from someone else in time, they may play. Basketball shorts may be hired from the office for a fee.

Please see below By-Law No. 1 for more information on what constitutes a full uniform:

BY-LAWS 2017

(a)        Teams must be in full uniform with numbers 4-15 at regulation size, marked front and back by the end of the third (3rd) set of fixtures.


(b)        All players must wear full uniform consisting of Club/Team colours, style and material for shirts and shorts, plus suitable footwear.  The following items are not permitted – belts, shorts with pockets and zips, body piercings or jewellery.  Players are permitted to wear plain wedding bands and medic alert bracelets, but these must be taped or covered at all times.  Any player not correctly attired will not be permitted to play. Gloves may be worn with permission from HRBA.


(c)        Under garments (including skins) must be black, white or the same predominant colour as the playing uniform. Under garments worn under shorts must be skin tight. Under garments under the playing top must be in a vest/singlet style, with no sleeves.


(d)       Where clubs and independent team colours clash, the independent team will be required to wear bibs.


(e)        Shirts must be tucked in at all times, both male and female.