The following policy is in place to help Hills Raiders Basketball Association minimise the risks of overexposure to UV.


A balance of ultraviolet radiation (UV) exposure is important for health.
Too much UV from the sun can cause sunburn, skin damage, eye damage and skin cancer. Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.

Sun protection times

  • Club officials, coaches and participants are encouraged to access the daily local sun protection times at sunsmart.com.au, on the free SunSmart app or in the weather section of the newspaper to assist with the implementation of this policy.
  • Sun protection is needed from the beginning of September to the end of April and whenever UV levels are 3 and above. Particular care should be taken during the middle of the day when UV levels are most intense.

Schedules, fixtures and rule modifications

  • Where possible, events and competitions are scheduled to minimise exposure to UV and heat.
  • Changes to events or competition occur (according to the rules of Basketball WA) when high risk conditions are forecast.

Where it is not possible to avoid peak UV and heat periods, the following interim steps are taken to minimise the risk of overexposure to UV and heat illness:

  • Warm-up activities are limited in duration and intensity.
  • The duration of the games to be 2×15 minute halves, with unlimited timeouts plus one referee timeout per half. Game duration and conditions to be reassessed at each timeslot.
  • Rest breaks and rehydrate are increased.
  • Officials have a timeout per half.
  • Unlimited Player substitution and timeouts are used more frequently than usual.
  • Officials, coaches and senior members act as role models by wearing sun-protective clothing and applying sunscreen.

1. Clothing

  • Sun-protective clothing is included as part of on and off-field uniform for officials and volunteers.
  • Tops/jerseys are loose fitting and lightweight.
  • Where the competition uniform does not provide adequate sun protection, participants are reminded to apply SPF 30 or higher sunscreen to all exposed skin and wear covering clothing whilst not on the court.

2. Sunscreen

  • SPF 30 or higher broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen is promoted and/or provided to participants and is readily available at the court office.
  • Participants are encouraged to apply sunscreen 20 minutes before training or playing.
  • Participants are encouraged to apply a generous amount of sunscreen (the equivalent of one teaspoon per limb).


This SunSmart policy will be reviewed bi-annually to ensure that the document remains current and practical. This policy was last updated on 1st March 2016.

Relevant documents and links

SunSmart: sunsmart.com.au
Heat and UV Guide: sunsmart.com.au/downloads/communities/sports-clubs/uv-exposure-heat-illness-guide.pdf

For further information contact SunSmart:
P: (03) 9514 6419
E: sunsmart@cancervic.org.au